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Landscape Lighting

The Benefits of Outdoor Landscape Lighting

Santa Barbara Landscape Lighting - Private Garden

For residents of beautiful Santa Barbara, Goleta, Montecito and Carpinteria, landscape lighting extends the ways in which you can use your home’s outdoor space, with the added benefits of enhanced safety, space definition and atmosphere. In addition, outdoor lighting can be used to accent certain areas of your yard or garden, or create patterns and contrast in the landscape.

If you want to enjoy your landscaped garden at night, you need adequate visibility. There’s no need for every part of the landscape to be highly illuminated. Rather, specific areas, like steps, entry areas and walkways should be highlighted and shadows and dark spots eliminated. Sidewalk curves and corners can become attractive accents with the strategic placement of walkway lights, while lighting your landscape’s perimeter can give definition to it and create inviting transitions from one area of the landscape to another.

With just a few strategically placed lights, you can make a landscape come alive after the sun has gone down. Specialty lights can be employed to create color accents and glows, lend flowers a whole new hue, and highlight pools and fountains. Moon glow lights can be used to create the atmosphere of a moonlit landscape.

A specific feature of your garden can be accented with directional lighting, giving it added emphasis in the evening. Also, natural phenomenon like rain or fog appear much more dramatic when illuminated.

Contrasts of dark and light are much more interesting with with the proper use of night lighting. Lamp shields and grids can be used to create well defined light patterns impossible to create in the daytime.

Keep in mind that subtlety is key. Landscape lighting should be used sparingly and strategically to give your landscaped garden a whole new face in the evening, making it come alive in a new and exciting way.

Landscape Lighting Santa Barbara
Photo by unsplash-logoBrian Babb

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